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Chibok Girls Sightings - Story Map

Scroll down for the interactive story map of the Chibok girls sightings as reported by various media. Click here for the full-window map: http://bit.ly/1wN7TaY

Geospatial Technologies and Elephant Conservation in Africa: Networking Nature and Elephants Joining Twitter

Real-time monitoring of environmental data is becoming increasingly common, largely due to the expansion of communications networks and improvements in wireless technologies. A recent paper by lead author, Jake Wall, a geographer at UBC, reviews preliminary evidence based on monitoring 94 African elephants in ecosystems in Kenya (Chyulu-Hilla, Laikipia, Mara, Mt. Kenya and Samburu) and […]

Mapping Ebola 2014

Mapping Ebola 2014 There are many important efforts at mapping the Ebola virus.  WHO, CDC, Harvard University’s HealthMap, ESRI and citizen efforts organized by the American Red Cross are among the most comprehensive mapping efforts supporting efforts to understand and stem the 2014 Ebola outbreak. The WHO’s 2014 map on the geographic spread of the […]

The Geographical Spread of Ebola 2014

The Ebola outbreak of 2014 is the worst on record. The current outbreak has sent shock waves throughout the international system. There are heightened irrational fears and anxieties about the Ebola spreading to every other corner of the globe. Just like the early days of HIV/AIDs, a virus-hysteric global populace, and a sub-group within this […]